Ultimately,Jay Cutler Jersey I would've settled on outside linebacker Connor Barwin (2009); guard Chester Pitts (2002); and outside linebacker Brooks Reed (2011). (RB Ben Tate misses by a notch.) Think about that for a moment.Taylor Decker Jersey The second round is a round where good teams regularly find starters, and the Texans' second- through fourth-best second-rounders are a guy who had one big season (Barwin), a steady eight-year interior lineman (Pitts) and a guy who was solid for about a season and a half (Reed).T.Y. Hilton Jersey That's in the team's HISTORY. I get that the Texans' history is much shorter than most, but it's been 14 drafts! (Here are all of the team's second-round picks,Drew Brees Jersey by the way.) Now, if you vomited over the second round,Joe Montana Jersey you'll positively dry-heave over the third! Again, as in the second round, the best third-rounder in Texans history is also a) from the 2006 draft class and b) a no-brainer — Eric Winston,Russell Wilson Jersey a tackle taken with the 66th overall pick, a solid starter for the team for five or six seasons who is still getting a paycheck in the league. Again,Leonard Floyd Jersey the next three are not exactly overwhelming — guard Brandon Brooks (2012) was a solid starter who is now gone in free agency. Fred Weary, another guard and solid starter (2002),Jameis Winston Jersey is decent enough. Then, finding a third worthy runner-up comes down to one-season wonder RB Steve Slaton (2008),Dan Marino Jersey solid backup nose tackle Earl Mitchell (2010) and mercurial kick returner Jacoby Jones (2007), who was run out of town on a rail after a crucial muff in the playoffs against Baltimore in January 2012. I say all this to implore Rick Smith and Bill O'Brien to please,Kenny Vaccaro Jersey please, please stop picking stiffs in the second and third rounds, and find some guys who can effect winning. Hell, find some guys who can get on the field. Benardrick McKinney was a decent start. Need more, though.